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3 keys for communicating your church’s impact

Last week, we challenged churches to create a six-word annual report to help churches create the core message about the impact they’re making with the money and resources people give. We heard from several churches that learned a lot from the exercise and are using this six-word annual report to shape the way they communicate with givers about stewardship.

Today, we want to follow up with the essential keys to communicating your church’s new stewardship mission statement. We found this blog post from Katya Andresen that shares a really unique way a charity in Minneapolis is communicating the impact they’re making around the world. At the end of the post, Katya shares three keys for nonprofits to effectively convey their impact.

Here are Katya’s ideas with our insights on how to practically implement them within your church:

1.      Provide clear and simple information on how money will be used. 

More nonprofits have started to understand and use this principle. For example, clean water organizations can communicate the number of people that can have access to clean drinking water with $5. By providing clear and simple information about how donations will be used, churches can overcome skepticism of some givers and boost giving. Churches must adopt this method of communication if they want to continue to inspire people to give.

2.      Show, don’t just tell. 

Stories and images can communicate the impact your church is making better than straight facts ever could. What kind of stories should your church tell? Here’s a short list of story ideas that show impact. If you’re looking for ways to show the impact you’re making, here’s one creative way to create a stewardship moment to remember.

3.      Choose your messengers wisely. 

Most church members only hear about stewardship or money from the head pastor or someone on staff. However, the best way to communicate the impact your church is making is to have someone else share it. It could be someone who has benefitted from a ministry within your church or a new believer whose life has changed. By communicating your church’s impact through someone else, you build a new layer of trust with the people who give to your church.

Are you using these keys when you communicate the impact your church is making? How has it paid off?

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