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4 Ways to Make Talking About Giving Easier in 2014

Talking about money in church can be tough for the person on the platform and the person in the crowd. Everyone comes to the subject of giving from a different perspective – some healthy, and some not so healthy. This makes talking about giving and being generous a difficult topic for many church leaders.

So how can you make your sermons, announcements, and overall conversations about giving easier in 2014? Here are four simple ideas:

1. Learn what people want to hear before they give. Most people aren’t as resistant to giving to your church as you might think; they just need to hear some key things from you before they decide to invest their charitable dollars with you. From our experience, here are 10 things people want to hear before they give to your church.

2. Outline how people can give to your church. Taking the time to outline how people can start giving is one of the easiest things your church can do to create a culture of giving. In fact, it’s so simple that most churches miss it. Taking the time to outline how people can give to your church makes talking about giving easier because it eliminates any confusion on how people can act when they feel inspired to give.

3. Create a plan for making big stewardship asks. Making a “big ask” for money is probably the part of the ministry of giving that makes a senior church leader break into cold sweats. However, much of the anxiety related to an ask subsides once you have an outline to work from. Here is a sample outline we suggest every leader follow.

4. Equip your staff to cultivate generosity in your church. Most churches put all of the responsibility of talking about giving on the senior or executive pastor. However, equipping your entire staff to share stories of impact helps your church members see giving as the vital part of ministry it is, not just a way to pay the bills. Here are two stewardship stories that every church staff member should know how to tell.

Money doesn’t have to be a topic you avoid in conversation. Instead, it can be a subject that allows you to talk about life change, personal transformation, and how every person who participates in your weekend experience can make a significant difference—for eternity.

What are some tips you’ve found to make your discussions or sermons about giving easier?

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