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5 Ways Your Church Givers are Changing

There’s no denying that technology and communications are changing the world of church stewardship, but these aren’t the only changes that churches are having to face when it comes to giving.

A few weeks ago, nonprofit expert Gail Perry shared the top 10 ways major donors are changing. Today, we want to share the five that we felt applied most to the way givers are changing in the Church:

Trend #1: Donors are wary of trusting us.

Gail points to the fact that major donors are beginning to determine their giving on relationships more than anything else. This is why it’s extremely important to take the time to cultivate relationships with the financial leaders in your church. Whether it’s a vision-casting night for the top 10 percent of your givers or a meeting over coffee with a high-capacity giver, make sure you’re investing in and developing relationships with these givers.

Trend #2: Donors want donor-centered communications.

While it’s important to communicate the impact your church is making, don’t do it in a way that comes off like you’re sharing how wonderful you are. Instead, do it in a way that connects what your church is doing to what is important to the people who give.

If you can connect what your church is doing to what your givers believe and what they want to see in the world, you’ll start seeing a greater response rate in your stewardship conversation.

 Trend #3: Major donors who volunteer give more. Much more.

This is where the Church has a great advantage over other nonprofits, because we’re set up in such a way where both giving and volunteering are vital to operating effectively. The closer you get givers to the life change that is happening in your church, the more willing they will be to support the work financially.

Trend #4: Major donors look at their gifts as investments. They want to see impact and ROI.

Likely, this doesn’t come as a surprise to you. If you want to meet the expectations of today’s givers, you must be able to communicate impact. Here are three ways your church can excel when it comes to showing impact and return on investment.

Trend #5: Major donors love a Big Idea.

This means that communicating the vision for your church is more important than ever before. Just when you think you might be over-communicating your vision, some givers might just be catching on. Major givers aren’t scared by audacious goals or ideas. In fact, some view them as another challenge to overcome.

As our friend and ministry partner Scott Williams likes to say, “Dream Big. Think BIGGER.”

Because the approach to effective stewardship is changing so frequently, it’s important for your church to have a solid understanding of exactly what it takes to cultivate a spirit of generosity within your church.

Have you seen any of these trends surface in your church? How are you working to meet them?

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