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7 ways to thank your givers

Making sure those who give to your church feel appreciated is a vital stewardship practice. However, don’t you get tired of sending the same old thank you messages and notes? Since when did engaging with members become a mere repetition of cliches?

A few days ago, we ran across a blog post from Razoo with 22 delightful ways to say thank you! This post highlights several ways to communicate your gratitude with better words to show that you care more about the person giving than the gift itself.

The article sparked our thinking to develop different ways that churches can thank their donors.

Here are seven we came up with:

  1. Write it on a card, not business letterhead. The best church thank you’s are friendly, warm, and specific. Even though they’re still relatively short, they feel personal.
  2. Share photos. Including photos, either in the body of the letter or stuffed in the envelope, will make an instant connection between your donor and the work your church is doing. A photo of people making a difference will brighten your donor’s day.
  3. Pick up the phone. If you want to take it a step farther, give them a call to let them know how much you appreciate their continuous gift. Let them know you’re calling for no other reason but to say thanks for being part of your church!
  4. Create a thank-you splash page for online givers. If you accept gifts on your website, you can also thank donors via a thank-you page after the donation is made. You can enhance the page with a video or photos to make it more personal.
  5. Show them what impact their gifts are making with a cool graphic. People need to see how their gifts are being used. One way to do so is by creating an infographic of the impact their money is making. It could be the progress on a capital campaign or the number of new members over the course of the year, but think of a creative way to use data and show statistics.
  6. Change who’s saying thank you. If your pastor is constantly the one sending thank you letters, change it up. Let your youth pastor share how the tithes people give help him connect students to the Gospel.
  7. Throw an appreciation event. Treat your major givers to a special evening with food and entertainment. Make sure they know how much their gifts mean to your church.

What are some of the best ways you’ve seen churches say thank you to those who give?

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