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Answer this question before your next church business meeting

“So what?” That’s the question you should have the answer to before your next church business meeting.

Kivi Miller, a nonprofit marketing expert and blogger, explains in this post why answering “so what?” is so crucial for your church:

You raised money and you spent it. So what? What do your income and expenses tell us about your values, your decision-making, and your impact?

The tough economy has made people think twice about who and where they give their money. The people in your church–even your regular givers–are making tough decisions about how much to give or whether or not they will give at all. Your church must be more intentional now about connecting every dollar to impact or you risk losing the dollar to other, well-meaning organizations.

Whoever answers “So what?” the best, gets the gift.

Therefore, as a leader, it’s your responsibility to provide the people in your church with enough evidence of impact to give them an overwhelming sense of confidence that when they give to your church, they give to life change.

If you can’t, you risk breaking trust with your people, your most prized asset (and God’s intended vehicle for funding the work of the church). If you can, then their reason to continue support with your ministry has been solidified.

Are you prepared to show people in the pew the Kingdom difference you are making with the money they have given?

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One Response to “Answer this question before your next church business meeting”

  1. Simon

    I totally agree with the above sharing. I am the chairman of development in my church, and because of giving feedback, members have continued to give. Let us account for the money members give.

    November 11, 2013 at 1:17 pm

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