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Busting the ‘they don’t really care’ myth

Since when did churches buy into the idea that their members don’t really care about how the leadership decides to spend the tithes and offerings given throughout the year?

There’s a new story surfacing nearly every day about the mismanagement of money or a lack of accountability for church finances. While sin and greed certainly have a part, there’s another aspect to consider:

The idea that church members “don’t really care” how you handle their money.

That is a myth.

In fact, studies show that a majority of the people who give to your church do care how their money is managed. While they may not require or want you to run every financial decision by them, understanding why they care will help you be a more mindful steward.

Here are 3 myths that some churches believe when it comes to the investments (both financial and personal) their members are making:

1.      They’re not really paying attention to the details.

Some churches still rely on the idea that people should give because that’s the biblical thing to do. However, more and more churches have to cultivate a spirit of generosity instead of relying on the obedience to regular tithing. Because these members aren’t as inclined to give in the first place, they’re more interested in what you do with their money. Transparency and honesty is key if your church wants to continue to cultivate the generosity of your members.

2.      They don’t care how their money is being spent.

With information available at our fingertips, our society is becoming more and more aware and concerned with how finances are being managed. More than likely, the people who give to your church are taking the time to look through your annual reports. While your church is mandated to provide the information, take the time to present it as a celebration for all that your church has done.

3.      They’ll still give no matter how you treat them.

Churches have more competition than ever before when it comes to the financial resources of their members. Just because a church member has given in the past doesn’t mean they will always continue to give. While saying that churches need to make sure they’re investing in their members is an obvious statement, we all know that it’s easy to become distracted by the daily tasks and responsibilities we’re faced with each week. Making sure those who are giving to your church are experiencing life change year after year will tie them into the overall vision and mission of your church.

How have you seen the “they don’t really care” myth affect a church? How do you prevent yourself from slipping into that mentality?

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