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Case Study—Two churches move ministry forward with confidence

A few months ago, we shared a post titled A Tale of Two Churches. In it, we described the two primary categories that most churches fall under and shared the one thing your church can do to move toward “the best of times.”

Today, we want to share an actual tale of two churches. This tale is from our most recent case study, “Two Churches Change Stewardship Culture.” .” The study focuses on two churches whose respective leadership partnered with us, using our Stewardship Discovery Assessment to gain a comprehensive view of their situations and to formulate ministry and stewardship strategies to position their churches for years of relevant ministry.

Although these churches are extremely different, both church leaders had a vision for the future—but their visions weren’t connecting with the congregations. By working alongside these churches we were able to:

• Gain the outside perspective needed to clearly communicate their vision and mission for future ministry.
• Discover the connection between the church’s strategic ministry goals and priorities and the financial investments they were making in each. Once they identified the connection, they were able to establish a plan for meeting those goals by stewarding their finances.
• Weave stewardship into the fabric of the church by connecting financial stewardship and the positive impact ministry has on people’s lives.
• Get elders and church members on board for taking the next steps in ministry.

Most churches dream of being able to accomplish these goals, but for First Presbyterian Church in Columbus, GA, and Fellowship Christian Church in Springfield, OH, that dream became a reality. The Stewardship Discovery Assessment helped their churches identify church strengths, improve communication of leadership vision, and personalize stewardship opportunities to advance the mission of the church.

You can download the entire case study, “Two Churches Change Stewardship Culture After Intensive Assessment,” for an inside look at how these churches took the first steps in confidently moving into the future.

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to communicating your vision for the future?

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