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Every Church Staff Member Should Know How to Tell These Stewardship Stories

We talk a lot about the importance of storytelling in cultivating a culture of generosity within your church. However, one of the things we’ve noticed in some of our conversations with church leaders is the underlying mentality that the head pastor is the one responsible for it. While it’s definitely a skill the head pastor should develop, the responsibility shouldn’t be his alone.

Ensuring that your entire staff buys in to cultivating a spirit of generosity within your church is key for accomplishing your financial goals. Therefore, we wanted to take some time today to share the various stewardship stories that every church staff member should know how to tell.


1.      A story of how generosity has made a difference in their community

Every staff member should be able to tell at least one story that communicates your church’s impact in your community. While they might not know the exact dollar amount, being able to say to other church members, “Here is what we were able to do because people generously gave of their resources…” will make a tremendous impact. If they can tie it into their specific area of ministry, that’s even better. Maybe it’s a student pastor who shares how the youth group came together to buy new clothes for a family whose house burned down or it’s a small groups pastor who can share how one group pooled their resources to sponsor a teenager to go camp for the first time and that’s where she gave her life to Christ.

Everyone expects to hear about stewardship from the head pastor, but when it flows naturally from conversations with other staff members, it carries a whole different weight.

2.      A story of how being generous has made an impact in their own lives

The principle that people will follow what you do before they follow what you say doesn’t just apply to the head pastor. It applies to everyone on your staff. Whether you realize it or not, people look to every church staff member when it comes to identifying what it means to be a growing follower of Christ.

There’s a way you can communicate how being generous has made in impact in your own life without coming across as prideful or boastful. For staff members, most of those stories will be shared in one-on-one conversations, which relieves some of the awkwardness that might come from sharing on stage.

Churches that understand the importance of sharing the responsibility of cultivating generosity among their staff members oftentimes experience better results than those who rely solely on the head pastor. Teaching giving as a spiritual act is something all leaders should incorporate. The children’s pastor can ingrain giving principles in the lives of the kids in your church or the discipleship pastor can discuss it as he works with Sunday school teachers or small group leaders. Giving is a group effort.

Does your church staff share the responsibility of cultivating generosity? What are some ways you’ve used stories to inspire your members to give?

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