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Your church’s annual report in 6 words

Could you communicate the impact your church has made over the past year in six words? It might seem impossible at first, but according to this post from Kivi Miller, it might be something worth trying. We’ve shared the reasons why churches should keep stewardship conversations simple, but Kivi has taken it to a new level.

There are a few things we really love about it:

It forces churches to seriously consider the core message about the impact they are making.

Whenever we talk about the impact our churches are making, it’s tempting to write a three- or four-page article because we don’t want to leave anything out that could possible resonate with people. By narrowing your message to six words or even 140 characters, you’re forced to think about the one big idea or message.

It gives churches a “mission statement” for their stewardship.

Another benefit of simplifying your annual report to six words is that it provides a thesis for all other communications. You can use this six-word report in the same way you use a mission statement, allowing it to become a gatekeeper for any and every stewardship decision your church makes.

The people who give can remember it more easily.

Communicating the impact your church is making in six words is probably the easiest way to get people to understand the effect their money has in your church. Although they might not remember the number of people who have been baptized in the past year or the number of meals served through your homeless ministry, they can easily come back to these six words every time they give.

The Challenge:

Can you communicate the impact your church is making in six words or 140 characters? For some, it might come easily. For others, it might take some time. But we’d love to know the core message of your church’s impact.

Feel free to share your church’s six-word annual report in the comment section below. It doesn’t have to be the final version, but we guarantee, if you start putting words down, you’ll begin to see what matters most in the life and influence of your church.

Was it easy to create a six-word annual report? What did you learn during the process of creating it?                      

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